Bucharest, Texas

The Morgans are from San Antonio, Texas; however are currently living in Bucharest, Romania. Their two sons, Connor and Asher, attend the Bucharest Christian Academy. (This is the same school where Akos & Szilvia Csernus’s children and Bela & Ibolya Csernus and Lajos & Ica Berces’s grandchildren attended before moving to England.) 
They work with the ministry group “Kidz Romania”, an outreach to the children of Romania. For the past 1 ½ years they have worked with a Bible/Faith based television program on Romanian National TV. Their programs run 20 minutes with both animation and live action. The most recent Bible Stories featured were the stories of Ruth, Jonah and Noah.
The Morgan’s visited Budapest during the American holiday Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a season of thankfulness and family gatherings, with very specific foods and traditions. Although this is not a European holiday, the first celebration of it was by the surviving European colonists in America. Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberries, green bean casseroles and pumpkin pies are a mainstay of this celebratory feast. But the ‘heart’ of the holiday is a thankful heart to the Lord for his provisions and blessings in the past year. It is a time to stop, reflect and be thankful.
The Morgans are returning to the states for a time of fund-raising, new direction and vision casting.
Interview by Paul Gracza, notes by Jocelyn Gracza.